A Sacred Container

8 weeks

The Feminine Leader’s path of light through selflove embodiment, higher self integration and activated soul codes.

Join us on March 14th 2019 for eight supportive weeks where we dive deep into the energetics of selflove. Lifting the veils of your inner core beliefs, stories and limitations of the old holographic structures.

So that you can let go of what’s holding you back from embodying your truth as an infinite divine creator of love, joy and abundance

  • Through DNA light code activation
  • Sound attunement
  • Channelled support
  • Personal energetic inquiry
  • Collective energetic group intentions of releasing and receiving
  • Mastering Selflove as your emotional guidance system
  • Relearning how to navigate the 3rd dimension 
  • Utilise 5th dimensional consciousness and multidimensional intelligence

Find out what’s really going on behind the vales of your physical reality by learning how to attune to the astral realms, dimensional clearing, dissolving old contracts and align to your awakened divine power.

What are your goals and desires in this reality?

How would you want your health, love life, finances, relationships, family be different?

Learn how to call energy through to ground your focussed intentions from the astral realms into physical form. This is a sacred container of light, love and multidimensional support to give you the time, space and platform you have been calling in to finally trust and surrender.

Our Journey

the break down for each week

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Message from your instructor
    • Join our Facebook Community
    • Listening to your body
    • Creating your schedule
  • 2
    Week One: Root
    • 01: Welcome call to activate our group intentions, ground and open the energetic space to receive
    • 02: Getting YOU crystal clear on each specific area of YOUR life where YOU haven’t been showing up for YOURSELF authentically
    • 03: Ancestral Clearing
    • Root Chakra Activation - Audio Only
    • Root Activation Follow up
    • Week One - Task "My root is my home"